Friday, December 17, 2010

Artist Spotlight - Richard Schmid

Gosh-- how to even present such a MASTER!? Richard is an inspiration to ALL who view his work-- both collectors and definitely artist's that know of him! he's a living legend and someday will be studied in Art History alongside the other legends of Art.. he's that good!

he's been an inspiration to me for 15 yrs or more (when i first discovered him).. everything he creates is full of life/energy.. such amazing knowledge of color, masterful brushstrokes, etc.. my words just won't do his work justice.. see for yourself if  you haven't already!, what i would give to study with such as master!?! :)

link to his website:

link to DVD's: highly recommended  (i own 6 of them-- very useful):


google image search of his work: Google image

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