Monday, January 31, 2011

Daily Art - 2011 (Jan 31)

portrait of Tom Hanks - done in Art Rage; experimenting with color and various tools; approx time 90 min

For this piece, i mainly used the felt pen (blending marker) and the roller brush. my goal starting out was to pick an 'odd' background color and then utilize that in the colors of the portrait. after brushing down a layer of green, i created a new layer and set the opacity to 90% -- so that the green would show through all brushstrokes (and layers) above that. i then created a palette of colors that contained some skin tones, the background green and a few tinting values (not quite black/not quite white). many layers were then used -- always adjusting opacity to between 30-70% to allow layers underneath to show through. most of the painting was done using the blending marker and towards the end, i switched to the roller brush to add texture (again, on many layers)

For the final result, i consider this to be more of a 'study/experimentation' and not really a portfolio piece

during the year of 2011, I am pledging to create ART everyday and post it online to share with everyone.

the submissions will be in the form of sketches/studies, paintings, photography, etc..


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