Sunday, February 27, 2011

Daily Art - 2011 (Feb 27)

Feb 27, 2011

figure sketches - done in a more 'painterly' technique; 2 minute timed poses; created with the roller brush media, in the software Art Rage

** note: i'm really pleased with how these turned out-- this was a day in which every stroke seemed to just 'work' -- as mentioned, these were timed (2 min) and sometimes you run out of time and/rush through these -- and you end up with a mess! ..but today just flowed and i'm really happy with the results! this is good training for me (as i tend to noodle on the details and get to caught up with over-rendering areas.. these exercises force me to accept the brush strokes for what they are and represent and move on)

(click the image to see a larger version)

during the year of 2011, I am pledging to create ART everyday and post it online to share with everyone.

the submissions will be in the form of sketches/studies, paintings, photography, etc..



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