Saturday, October 12, 2013

Plein Air painting

Lately I've really been focused on my traditional skills -- painting, drawing, etc

I'm currently experimenting with various techniques and media (oils, acrylics, watercolors, gouache and oil pastels) -- even doing some 'mixed media' experiences that show promise (stay tuned!)

I'm also really enjoying being outside in the great outdoors --> and doing plein air painting! (I love it!) -- to be outside, smelling the air.. feeling the breeze and seeing the local colors -- really invigorates a person! (especially when my day job is spent inside -- usually at a desk/on a computer!)

I have such appreciation for plein air landscape painters -- and I find myself really wanting to learn more! (it's so addicting, once you get started!)

The images that I'm posting today are from a recent plein air trip (to a local stream in my town of Sammamish, WA) -- here is a map link of the area:

The study was done in Gouache  (I actually prefer the final quality of oils (in regards to paint), but gouache is fun to work with -- especially for studies. Essentially I treat it as 'opaque watercolor' -- and it's easy to transport for plein air (just a few tubes/water and palette and you are all set!) -- everything I have fits in a small back pack that i keep in my car with me at all times. Check out James Gurney -- (YouTube videos) and how he uses Gouache.. what a master! -- that's my inspiration!! (to get that good!)

'Small Creek in Sammamish, WA' -- 1.5 hr plein air study done using Gouache on 8x10 canvas panel

(Click on the image to view larger version)
(Click on the image to view larger version)

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