Thursday, October 31, 2013

Road trip -- Plein Air Paint Out / art vacation!

Next week, starting Monday, Nov 4th -- I am planning an 'Art vacation! (mini trip/getaway from Monday to Friday)'

As previously mentioned, my projects at work are wrapping up (after 2.5 yrs on Ryse!) -- and I'm finally taking some time off to re-invigorate myself! ..and what better way to do this than a road trip combined with Art!

My plan is to drive down the Pacific Coastline -- from Seattle to the Oregon area.. and do plein air painting along the way! I have a cabin in Cannon Beach that I'll be staying at for 3-4 days and using that as 'Base Camp' -- and painting various subject matter in that area, as well.

here is a map of the location:

During the evenings, I'll be relaxing -- reading my art books (Richard Schmid's 'Alla Prima II', etc) and also doing some sketchbook drawing. I also plan on visiting the local Art Galleries in Cannon Beach, doing some hiking and spending time on the beach -- enjoying the sights/sounds of the ocean.

I will be updating my Blog daily -- with photos, updates, etc.. so please check back and visit my Blog for updates on my trip and to view new artwork, etc.


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