Saturday, April 13, 2013

Zbrush project -- week 2 (WIP)

Here is a Work in Progress/Update -- for a project I'm working on. As mentioned in previous posts, I am taking a class, being taught by Kris Costa, on character development.

This is week 2 -- and I am attaching various steps/stages that show progress (see image) -- first we started out with the skull, then added muscles (via zsketching) and that was converted into an Adaptive Mesh -- which became the base for our sculpting model.

Currently, it's at a 'rough model state' -- without a pose, micro details, etc. (and it's still in symmetry mode); My future work will include a posed model (screaming), various levels of skin treatment (showing bone/muscle), the eyes will be unique (one will be more decayed than the other), and I'll be adding facial hair/head hair, etc.

Depending on time (10 week course/but I'm also busy with work, etc.) -- I may do a full body pose? the current plan is just to do a 'head/bust' that will be set on a base.

The class has been a lot of fun.. learning a lot from Kris and glad to be 'hands on' working with Zbrush (THIS IS MY FIRST EVER ZBRUSH CHARACTER SCULPT) -- I spend my 'day job' giving art direction, and I enjoy my job -- but I got into this career being an artist and I wish I had more time to dedicate towards creating it! :)


(Click to view larger image)