Sunday, February 8, 2015

Updates from me (work projects)

Wow -- I knew that it had been a long time since I've updated my bog.. but didn't expect it to be since October of last year!?!

time flies..

As for me.. I've been busy with work. I'm a Sr. Art Director for Microsoft Games and I'm currently working on 3 projects (Killer Instinct, Phantom Dust and 1 title yet to be announced). This keeps me very busy with travel, meetings, creating concept art, partnering with my developers, etc.

Killer Instinct has been a lot of fun.. we've released season 2 and with it, many new characters and new stages. The team at Iron Galaxy has been great to work with! Below are some images from Season 2 that show concept art and in-game art that I was involved with.

Here is a small sample of work from Season 2:

Some of the cast, for Season 2 have been revealed.. more are coming!

TJ Combo character

Here is a teaser/trailer video link for TJ Combo:

Maya character

Here is a teaser/trailer video link for Maya:

Kan-Ra (concept art)

Kan-Ra (in-game)

Here is a teaser/trailer for Kan-Ra:

Riptor concept art

Riptor in-game

Riptor accessory kit - coming soon!

Here is a teaser/trailer video for Riptor:

Omen in-game

Here is a link to the teaser/trailer video for Omen:

Aganos concept art

Aganos environment concept art

In regards to Phantom Dust, this was announced at E3 2014 -- but we're not ready to release details on the project, just yet! (coming soon) - but here is an image from the trailer that we showed at E3:

Here is a teaser/trailer video link for Phantom Dust: for my 'unannounced project' -- it will probably be another year or so before I can share that! :)